I have been looking for a SF:I gang to join, and I heard about BSP, and it sounds like a good gang that I would like, as it has many of the pros and legends of SF:DG. I started playing SF:DG later than all the then-bogfers, but it quickly became one of my, if not my favorite game on the internet. I joined the bogf, and have been with it for over 2 years now. My account was deleted on SF:DG, but since I started playing it again almost a year ago, I have around 3,500 kills and a hydra destroyer. I don't know if you need to know that for my application, but it said to put in a starfighter profile. Overall, i just want a gang that isn't just made of some kongregate screw-ups, laggers, or hackers, and one that will be respectable and respected by other players. (plus, this gang has catonator!) Oh well, that concludes my application for BSP. I don't really know what to put into it, but there it is. Hope you let me in!

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