The NVIAR Coalition

The NVIAR Coalition


The NVIAR Coalition is an alliance led by M5000. NVIAR stands for NebuloV Independently Allied Republic, which is a massive conglomerate of gangs, other consortiums, factions, and alliances all throughout different galaxies. It was started after the first Great War of the 904 Galaxy to unify galactic forces. Shortly thereafter, it began to branch out to other galaxies. It was at the time of Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy that NVIAR had begun this push to expand. A base was set up in the Sheenland Galaxy, as it was called at sector S-3-10, starting off as the Nebulon Starforce, then the Nebulon V Starforce, in commemoration of Nebulov's old name, the name eventually formed into Nebulov, and the alliance turned into NVIAR. It remains at S-3-10's starbase to this day under the name of "NVIAR: Sheenland Division."

Projected course of action

NVIAR, at its core is simply an alliance, using the planet Nebulov as its home base, with stations and bases set up widely. The intent is to colonize and thrive in the Starfighter: Infinity world and expand power to unify. Members can join any allied gangs to help our cause, or join directly into NVIAR if they wish to be under direct leadership and move up to gain leadership positions in NVIAR. We plan to expand to the point of being allied to at least 30% of the organizations in the galaxy, with this force we will then be able to fight others side by side, and prosper as such.



NVIAR was created on the philosophy that leaders and members alike must retain some individuality while keeping strong alliances with other leaders and members. The closer the leaders and members are, the stronger the alliance goes. NVIAR does not seek to obliterate all opposing forces, rather try to reason with them and try to bring some unity to the galaxy. The Union of Omicron and the Confuzzeration have been fighting for a long time, though NVIAR managed to stay neutral to both of them, while still getting close, personally, with the leaders. When met with hostility, we attempt peace and reason, but if provoked to the point of no other options, action must be taken.

Color Scheme

The full official color scheme of NVIAR is as follows, unless the vessel needs special color schemes due to camouflage or stealth. The main color all NVIAR vessels are painted is dark grey. The reason being is that it blends in with the darkness of space well, and stands for neutrality all on its own. It is not biased toward any one color. The secondary color used on NVIAR vessels is a kind of deep slate blue. The reason for this because blue represents, in the Nebulovian society, strength and level-headedness. It is what represents NVIAR's morals as a caring, but firm alliance. The tertiary color used is black. The reason used for this is because black represents prosperity and wealth, as well as expertly honed battle tactics, which are expected and encouraged to any militaristic member.

The Fifteen Keys of The NVIAR

1: Intelligence
2: Logic
3: Reason
4: Neutrality
5: Unity
6: Respect
7: Forgiveness
8: Commitment
9: Willpower
10: Courage
11: Individuality
12: Class
13: Ability
14: Honor
15: Benefit

Special symbols/meanings

NVIAR's most commonly seen insignia is a nexus. It is three spheres or circles with their centers placed on each of the endpoints of the side of an equilateral triangle, with the triangle connecting them being about 1/4th to 1/16th the radius of the circle. This shape is sometimes adorned with a crest, wings, and/or a circle of lettering reading: "Unity, Neutrality, Intelligence" in the relative language of context. Additional adornments are allowed to be added for personal touch, in line with the Key of Individuality.

NVIAR favors numbers that are divisible by or multiples of the real integer three or five. These are considered perfect numbers in the Nebulovian society.

Useful information

We don't really have anything here yet, the gang is just forming, we plan to develop an independent site once the game hits its beta stages. As for now, you may register in the list below if you plan on possibly becoming a member or ally.


Join by typing in username, clicking join, and then clicking save.


Total Members: 4

M5000 11 Mar 2011 22:25
MrT1313 23 Jun 2011 00:56
Xenile 13 Aug 2011 03:22


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