Phoenix Armory

Welcome to Phoenix Armory, I am Jee700, I am a veteran player and am very skilled in Starfighter combat. Here is a list of instructions if you are joining:

STARFIGHTER_EXPERIENCED: Contact me in game when you can, I will assign you specific tasks that are much harder than other starfighter tasks. You will be with me most of the time honing your skills and earning money for further weapons and any other features you can update on your starfighter. You will be grouped together depending on range of skills.

STARFIGHTER_MODERATE: Find me when you come on, I will brief you on your missions, most of your missions will be moderately easy but also a challenge. I will divide you into groups to help learn about close combat and far range combat. This will help hone skills.

STARFIGHTER_NOOBY: Make sure to contact me, I will train you in the art of close and far range combat. I will give you easy missions until you get more experienced. You will be our most important members, you will be our growth, I will personally train you until you are more familiar with the controls and will make you a very great fighter. I know the ways of war, and this isn't childs play.

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